Sep 24, 2008

Pendant Fusion ...... away..........

Tuesday I will be heading to Methodist Hospital for a total hip replacement.  I should be in the hospital for 3-4 days after surgery.  The plan right now is that I will then stay at my parents house for the first week after surgery because they have a level entry and a main level bedroom.  I will not be able to bend down to put on my socks or drive for 6 weeks.  This should be an interesting challenge.  Remember to pray for Tim, the kids and my parents during this time.  I know it's going to an extra load on all of them.

It's been a long road to surgery.  Ten years ago I thought I had a pulled muscle in my left hip.  I also thought that my right hip was achy and sensitive because of a car accident when I was 19 years old.  But.... the number 40 as in 40 years old, tends to bring some of those brooding problems to the surface.  I found out soon after we moved back to Peoria that I have "Genetic Hip Displaysia."  The Doctors think that it occurred during my Jr. High years when my bones were growing quickly.  My hip joints didn't grow deeply enough into the growth plates.  After years of use, most of the cartilage is gone.  Last year I went to Rush Med Center in Chicago to have a procedure done to both hips that trims the ripped cartilage.  But by the second hip they realized that my problems were more extensive than just ripped cartilage.  So, the first total hip replacement will take place Tuesday.  I'm looking forward to just getting it done and moving on. 

I'm actually looking forward to having a few days to just chill in the hospital.  Things have been crazy trying to get as much done before surgery as I can.  I'm just finishing the last few jewelry orders.  But the laundry is a different story.  I just hope I see the floor before Monday night.  And how crazy is this...... I teach my last class of a 4 week session at the Peoria Art Guild on Monday night.  There's just nothing like working up until the last minute.

My dad and my brother Scott put up railings yesterday at our house.  Wow, I didn't realize how helpful railing could be.  I actually can walk up the stairs without having to press on both walls and slide up or down.  I felt like Samson, trying to break the columns.  Now, it feels like I'm gently floating up and down the stairs, instead of the major acrobatic workout!

Keep us in your prayers!  And feel free to e-mail.  I can't believe it, but they actually let you take laptops to the hospital these days.  What is this world coming to!!!!!  Isn't it great!!!!! ;-)

Well, I've got to go fix a broken belt on a tumbler!!!!!  

On His amazing journey,


  1. this is amazing, liz! i'm pretty ignorant on the subjects you're asking for feedback on, unless you're looking for responses like "hey, the jewelry with the poetry in them are really cool". i'm really glad you were accepted with the wholecrafts thing, or whatever the name is. you must be excited. mark

  2. The blue is my favorite--I guess because of the intensity of the color. I didn't know it was possible to do such things. Great gift idea--I'll have to start some thinking.

  3. Congratulations!  I LOVE your pendant fusion but you did not include my favorite (maybe a Christmas present?)  Having seen your completed pendants, I like the lighter colors for those with writing; makes it more readable.  I also love it when you use Heather's photography.  Priceless! Looking forward to seeing your bamboo base.  dottie

  4. The Henderson clan(the Girls that is) in Australia were all very impressed with this new feature of your amazing talents. Vicky will write you soon and wants to show it to all at her school (Kings. Tricia was just blown away with the ones with writing on. Daphne asked if she could get one with her choice of words eg a bible verse. Mark and I just sat back and appfreciated your skills. Still love the silver stuff.
    Luv your work, keep it up.
    Blessings from Andrew and Daphne plus a special birthday wish for the 1st of October - havwe a glorious day!!!!!!