Apr 16, 2010

Aluminum Ring Blanks - NEW AND IMPROVED!!!!

Check out my NEW & IMPROVED ring blanks!The edges have a nice curve!

These are great for polymer clay (Sculpey) or metal stamping.

Each ring measures a size 5 at its smallest point, but can be adjusted up to a size 9 comfortably.

Great tools for personalizing your ring blanks are:

Wrap n Tap by BeadSmith &

Metal Stamps - letter stamps, and metal design stamps & a Metal Jewelers Block

*******ALL of these items will soon be available on my ETSY site gottagettadeal.******

Ring Blanks for Sculpy.
Ring Blanks for fun.
Ring Blanks for Stamping.
Ring Blanks for ______________ ????

Please help me finish this silly poem!
Thanks! :-)

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