Apr 28, 2010

Ring Blanks Question


I have been looking and trying to make blank band rings for a year YEAH !!

Will this be okay on the skin and will it fade or turn dark? thank you!!

Answer from Liz

I am so glad to hear that! I've been wearing them to test them out and they don't fade or turn dark! They're a lot like silver in that they tarnish and scratch, but they polish up easily. I've done a little research on how they are on your skin, if you don't have any allergies to the metal you should be fine. Also there's some talk about Alzeimers and aluminum but most of the reports state that ingesting aluminum in more dangerous than having it touch your skin. I usually tell people to cover the inside with some type of clear coat to be safe. They have a clear coat of Rustoleum that works well or I've heard good things about Sally Hanson Ultimate Shield Base/Topcoat.

Hope this all helps!
Liz :-)

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