Jun 2, 2010

How to use a Ring Blank and Wrap n Tap

I'm in the process of making a video. Here's an explanation:

Place the ring blank on a metal block. Using a stamp, hammer the design into the metal. Repeat this process until you have the design you like.

Then take a black sharpie marker and fill in the recessed areas left from the stamping. Once the sharpie is dry, use an alcohol wipe or a jewelry buffer to buff the top layer of marker off. The recessed areas should remain dark. This creates contrast.

Now the wrap and tap should be in your right hand (switch if you are left handed). The small circle should be facing up. The stamped ring blank should be in your left hand with the design facing up.
Open the jaws of the pliers and place the blank into the wrap and tap. I use the middle circle most of the time. Pinch down on the rounded end of the ring blank.
While squeezing the wrap and tap with your right hand, use your left hand to bend the ring around the circle form. Try to get the ring blank to hug the form by pushing down and around the form.
Now flip the ring and repeat the process, so that the other side is exactly the same curve.

To even things out a bit you can turn the ring blank (still on the circle form of the wrap and tap) so that both ends are facing up. Squeeze the sides together and now squeeze the jaws of the Wrap and Tap together. The wrap and Tap should now have a good hold on the ring. Use your left hand to even out any areas that are not symmetrical.

If the ring is too small you can use a ring mandrel to enlarge it. Push the ring onto the mandrel a little larger than the size you want (it will spring back a little). Now flip the ring and repeat this process.

And there you have. A great adjustable ring.

Hope this helps!
Liz :-)

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