Jun 27, 2016

Chain Cuff Blank Project

Tired of losing that cuff?  This is a great project for a secure cuff with a beautiful look.

You'll need:

One Chain Cuff Blank
It is 12 Gauge 3/8" x 4" with 2 Holes on each end - 2mm in size.  The Chain Blanks are Polished with no sharp edges.

Stainless Steel Chain Link Size 6.9mm x 4.4mm Thickness 14 Gauge

17mm Surgical Steel Lobster Clasp

Eurtool Large Dapping Block 
with 5 Nylon Shapers

What to do...
1:  Add any metal stamping designs to your Chain Cuff Blank

2)  Use the Smaller Black Dapper to Curve the Chain Cuff Blank

3)  Measure out 5-1/2" of the Chain.

4)  Use Flat Nose Pliers to open the link.  

5)  Attach 2" of chain to one hole on the Chain Cuff Blank

6) Attach the clasp on the end of the 2" piece of chain

7) Attach a 3-1/2" chain to the other end of the Chain Cuff Blank

8)  Open the clasp and close it at the center of the 3-1/2" Chain

*****You did it!  You just created a beautiful Chain Cuff Bracelet!!!!

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me at 

Enjoy creating!
Lizz Barnes
Ear in the Envelope Inc
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