Mar 16, 2018

12 Gauge Arrive on March 20th.

I know many of our Etsy Gottagettadeal customers have been missing our 12 Gauge pure aluminum cuffs.  With prices rising and stocks of pure aluminum getting harder to find, we spent a few months without the 12 Gauge metal we needed to make our most popular cuffs.  But.... we finally found a supplier and our metal should arrive by Monday, March 20th.  Pray that the metal is clean and up to Gottagettadeal standards.  We hope to have listings up by mid-week!

Thanks for your continued business!  Contact us if there are things you would like to see in our shop!  We have always been a business that responds to what our customers want, we put our customers first.  If we can make it for you, we will!

Enjoy creating with amazing jewelry supplies,

Lizz Barnes.
Ear and the Envelope Inc.
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