Apr 8, 2019


Includes: Brass Tag, Leather Wrap Bracelet, Leather Needle, Red Thread, Beaducation Radiant Heart Punch 
Follow photos for directions. 
Additional tools you will need:
A block
A hammer
A hole punch
Curving tool or hammer around a round form.

Included Items: 
Jeweler's Brass ID Tag - 1/4" x 1-1/2" in 18 Gauge thickness
Leather Wrap Bracelet - 24" Long Espresso Color Leather Wrap Slightly wider than 1/4", Adjustable
Leather Needle
Red Embroidery Thread Made in France
Beaducation Radiant Heart Punch 5.5mm x 5.5mm design
1) Tape blank to metal block and stamp the design
2) Use a doming block or a form to curve the blank to a similar curve of your wrist


3) Find the center of the leather wrap cuff

4) Using the curved brass tag to measure, punch two holes on each side of the blank (1 hole in the hole of the blank and one next to the outside of the blank

5) Thread your needle with the red embroidery floss (use the full thickness)

6) Sew Tag onto Leather Bracelet.  Tie thread well. A few slip knots will work well
VOILA!!!! You are done!!!
Check out our blog for tips on how to use our blanks:
Enjoy creating!!!
Lizz and the Studio Team
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