Feb 18, 2009

Who is Liz Barnes???

My name is Liz Barnes and I named my business Pendant Fusion
because I'm always adding something in combination to make my jewelry. Lately, I've been combining fused glass, poetry and original photography. I also love using PMC to make jewelry.

My day job is homeschooling my two kids - Zach and Heather. A few days a week I teach classes in Glass Fusing and PMC at the Peoria Art Guild.

I've always been into making things. As a kid, I remember lying in the grass - analyzing each blade of grass. I've always had a love for nature and an appreciation for God's creation. I love to HYPER-FOCUS on the details!!! When I was in Art School, which took me forever (1982-1998), I was told to look at the BIG PICTURE. But..... I was always drawn to the details first. I discovered Georgia O'Keefe and realized that Art has NO RULES. Art is CREATING the NEW & ORIGINAL!!!

PMC, (Precious Metal Clay) is my favorite medium. I can dream ideas.... and they become reality. So many mediums control the end product, but with PMC the sky's the limit!!!!

I recently started a blog, you can check it at:

You can keep up with what happening in my world of creating.

I finally received my bachelor’s degree in Art from Illinois State University (concentrating in Art Education, Art History and Glass. While at ISU I took Glassblowing classes with the world famous - Jack Wax. I've also taken glassblowing workshops through the Art Institute of Chicago with an amazing and patient instructor - Lance Friedman. In 2004 I received my Artisan Certification from the PMC Guild.

After graduating from ISU I directed an after school arts program for “at risk students” in the Chicago Area and taught K-8 art in a private school.

My passion is to reflect God's beauty, creativity and mystery through my life and her art.

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