Apr 27, 2010

Best Adhesive E6000

New Question About the Best Adhesive to use for Jewelry

Hey There-Love your shop, supplies and finished pieces, beautiful.
I am a polymer clay and bead artist and am delving into ring now. If I purchase some ring blanks, I am curious as to what I would use to adhere something besides polymer clay, like glass or stone. What kind of adhesive. Thanks for the info.

I've tried a lot of different things, but I always come back to E6000. It has a slight flex when dry - so things don't pop off. The one problem... it takes at least 7 days to set well. The patience is worth it though. Also, I've started using Alcohol wipes found at your local drug store to clean up as I'm working with the E-6000. It really solves the sticky icky mess problem!

Hope this helps!


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