Sep 24, 2010

"Cut to Fit" Ring Blanks

12 Narrow Aluminum Ring Blanks in the Cut to Fit Style.

The metal is 14 gauge.

aprox. 1/4 inch wide.

***These are handmade, expect slight variations.

The Ring Blanks are not completely finished. THEY HAVE BEEN TUMBLED FOR 2-3 HOURS. But you'll want to use a fingernail sanding block under runner water to bring up the shine - move to FINER fingernail filing blocks.
You'll be amazed at the nice results with very little investment.

Stamp your designs first.

***The Wrap 'n Tap Ring Wrapping pliers are perfect
for use with these blanks!
Check them out on my site!

Wrap the ring blank around the Wrap 'n Tap

Use a ring sizer to stretch the ring to the size that you want.

Use Sheet Metal Sheers to cut the blank as close to the edge as possible.
(Metal Sheers are available at most home improvement stores.)

Push the ends past each other.

Then realign the ring.

Aluminum does not react well with products to create patinas.

To create a contrast I currently used A Sharpie Marker
to darken the recessed areas of the metal stamped design.

Let the marker dry. Use an alcohol wipe to take the marker off the upper area. It is best to fold the wipe like a pillow to prevent taking the marker off the recessed areas.


***I've done some recent research - 1100 PURE Aluminum, WHICH I USE EXCLUSIVELY, is safe on your skin. There is a much lower rate of skin reaction with PURE ALUMINUM than with sterling silver.
***(Zinc and magnesium are often found in common aluminum and can cause reactions. Lucky for you - I use the best!!!)

Get creative with your blanks:
add tiny rivets

***Please send me pictures of your finished pieces so that I can feature them on my blog. I'll make sure that I add the link to your ETSY site!!!

Check out my ETSY site!


Enjoy creating,
Liz :-)

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