Jul 31, 2011

Metal Stamping for Kids Camps

There's been a lot of interest this spring and summer in using the "Food Safe" Aluminum Blanks for Kids Camp projects.

What a fun alternative to leather craft or bird houses.

Here's a recent note from Heather, one of my customers:

We had a great time at camp. The rings were a big hit.   We used all but 3 and that was because I only brought them out for 2 of the days.

Thank you so much for your help.

If I get to do this again next year you will have more sales from me? 

I got real good at the wrap n tap. 

These were the best of the pictures that I got.

I had to get after them to stop the last day because it was time to get dinner going. 

The rings were what they asked for every day.

Thanks a


Please let me know if you're using our supplies in new and exciting ways.  I'd love to share this with other creative people.

Thanks Heather!  So glad to hear this was a successful project for your campers!

Enjoy creating!
Liz :-)

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