Jul 18, 2013

Gilder's Paste and Texture

"This wax-based medium can be used to add non-fading color or a gilded finish to materials such as Metal Castings, Filigree, Brass Stampings, Ceramics, Wood, Etched Glass, Polymer Clay, Resin and more! 

It can be applied as-is to clean, dry, oil-free surfaces with a cloth, cotton swab, sponge, your finger... or thin it with paint thinner to create a paste, paint, stain or wash. 

Smooth surfaces should be slightly roughened with fine grit sandpaper or steel wool before application. 

Gilders Paste dries to the touch in 10-15 minutes and completely dries in 12 hours with no tacky residue. 

One tin of Gilders Paste covers over 30 square feet of surface area.

Choose from 9 UV resistant colors which can be layered to create stunning and unique finishes and textures!"

Art Beads has 2 great articles and a video on how to use Gilder's paste.   

Check it out at:

How to use Gilder's Paste

Gilder's Paste FAQ

Quick Video 

Have fun experimenting with this fun medium!!!

And enjoy creating!


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