Aug 27, 2014

Ring Sizing Information

Ring Sizing can be a headache, but with some simple tools you can be successful.

You'll need a ring sizer.  There are a few different styles in paper, plastic or metal.

Blue Nile has a great link to a PDF and specific size measurements.

Remember that we at Ear in the Envelope use the US sizes.

Here is the sizing for the Ear in the Envelope ring blanks:


Small - Size 5-6...... 2"

Medium - Size 6-8...... 2-1/4"

Large - Size 8-10...... 2-1/2"

XL - Size 10-12...... 2-3/4"


Regular Wrap - Size 5-1/2 - 7... 3"

XL Wrap - Size 7-9... 3-1/4"

2XL Wrap - Size 10-12... 3-1/2"

Just a note, the gauge of the blank can add a bit of variation to the sizing.  The more you work with the blanks, the easier estimating sizing will become.

Hope this helps,


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