Jul 12, 2016

12 Gauge vs 14 Gauge Aluminum

Many new to making jewelry are quickly confused by GAUGE.  Gauge is the thickness of the metal.

12 Gauge and 14 Gauge are the most commonly sold metal thicknesses at Ear in the Envelope Inc.(Gottagettadeal on ETSY).

12 Gauge is thicker than 14 Gauge.  

12 Gauge is .080"
14 Gauge is .063"

12 Gauge is my favorite thickness.  I like the chunky look of the 12 Gauge and it is a bit stiffer, so it holds its shape better.  But 14 Gauge will definitely do the job for inexpensive projects.

Here's a gauge chart that will help you when you are making plans on which metal thickness you should use.  Notice that Aluminum is measured a bit differently than other metals.

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