May 4, 2018

Aluminum Market is CRAZY right now.

Hey there metal stamping and jewelry making friends,

I just want to update you on the current aluminum market.  Can I just say.... THINGS ARE CRAZY.  With talk of Tariffs and a major price hike in March 2017 people like us, GOTTAGETTADEAL/EAR IN THE ENVELOPE INC, are scrambling to get the metal we need.  Many metal suppliers are no longer selling 1100 Pure Aluminum soft temper aluminum that we all love to use for stamping.  We will keep scrambling to get you the best metal we can find.  But there may be times when we are out of stock of what you need.

***My best recommendation to you during this time is.... keep extra stock on hand of items you sell regularly.  Buy during slow times.

Here is a list of our busiest times when we may be low on what you need.

Busy times at Ear in the Envelope Inc

Jan. 1-15 - Custom orders are accepted again.
Note:  Custom orders accepted from January 1 thru September 30th

Easter RUSH - 3 weeks before Easter

Mother's Day RUSH - 3-4 weeks before Mother's Day

Starting School RUSH - September 7 - 20

Fall Show RUSH - October

Christmas RUSH - November through December 15

****Also, always check our Etsy shop front page for coupons and updates.

Thanks for your continued business at Gottagettadeal on ETSY.  Let us know how we are doing and we can do to serve you better.

Enjoy creating!
Lizz Barnes
Ear in the Envelope Inc
Gottagettadeal on ETSY

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