Nov 8, 2012

Instructions for Metal Stamping


The concept of metal stamping is simple.  
You are creating an impression in a metal blank 
by using a hammer to hit a metal stamp into the blank.

TOOLS and SUPPLIES for Metal Stamping
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- rubber block (optional but it deadens the sound)
- item to be stamped (bracelet blanks or tag/key chain)
- masking tape (for guide or to tape-down a guide)
- Industrial Sharpie permanent marker
- alcohol pads
- stamps (characters & fonts) nice quality stamps

Start by selecting a blank to work with. Decide what kind of impressions 
you’d like to make. The possibilities are nearly endless (given the stamps available). 
It could be your favorite phrase, a friend’s name, or just a pattern of characters
 (i.e. a row of flowers, for example) 

Next, stamping is MUCH easier when your item is secured to your block. It keeps 
it from moving while stamping. Masking tape can be used in a dual-purpose fashion; 
as a way to secure your item, and as a straight-line guide. 
There are other ways to create a guide as well. A scrap piece of metal can be taped 
on top of your item, and the straight edge serves as a great guide.

Note: You can totally do all of this free-hand as well (no guide, no securing)

For stamping text, it’s a good idea to find the letters or characters you want for 
a word or phrase, and line the stamps up accordingly. This way, it’s easier to keep
 it all in order. 
BE SURE to check that the letter or character is facing the right direction 
before stamping!

Using your guide to rest the stamp upon, just give the stamp a good sturdy whack 
with the hammer. Confidence is the key! If your hit is too timid, the stamp won’t 
register. One hit is important to keep in mind; as multiple hits might register multiple
 images, making it appear blurry.

A few thoughts to keep in mind
When doing text, begin with your middle letter and work your way out to both sides. 
This will help get your word or phrase centered.

Use some scrap metal to practice your “swing” and to help lay out your designs.

Another fun thought to keep in mind
Multiple characters can be used to compose another character (a sideways “B” with 
a number 1 on either side makes a nice pair of glasses) See what I mean? (haha)  
Get creative with it!

Using the Sharpies, fill in the impressions you made. Don’t get too concerned with
 going outside your lines and impressions! Any excess Sharpie can be removed with
 an alcohol pad or even a buffing cloth.

You should be left with a nice engraved look, filled in with black. A nice contrast!

While the marker can stay on its own, it will wear off over time. You have the option 
to actually bake your item. This sets the permanent marker, permanently.  Baking is 
really easy. Just place the item in your oven or toaster oven 
at 260 degrees F for 30 minutes.

DO NOT use a microwave as a substitute! Disastrous results could ensue!!!

Yellow buffing cloths are available (and also sent along with our business card as a gift). 
These are very helpful in reviving the sheen in your item after stamping or after baking.

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***REMEMBER - One hard hit is always better than a few soft hits.  If you hit more
 than once, you take a chance on creating a shadow.  This happens when your
stamp moves slightly between hits.

One final note.  A nail is a perfect option for a period or colon.

Hope this helps!!!  Happy Stamping!!!  And enjoy creating!!!

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