Jul 12, 2016

12 Gauge vs 14 Gauge Aluminum

Many new to making jewelry are quickly confused by GAUGE.  Gauge is the thickness of the metal.

12 Gauge and 14 Gauge are the most commonly sold metal thicknesses at Ear in the Envelope Inc.(Gottagettadeal on ETSY).

12 Gauge is thicker than 14 Gauge.  

12 Gauge is .080"
14 Gauge is .063"

12 Gauge is my favorite thickness.  I like the chunky look of the 12 Gauge and it is a bit stiffer, so it holds its shape better.  But 14 Gauge will definitely do the job for inexpensive projects.

Here's a gauge chart that will help you when you are making plans on which metal thickness you should use.  Notice that Aluminum is measured a bit differently than other metals.

Hope this helps,

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Jun 30, 2016

5 Star Rating at Gottagettadeal on ETSY for 1 Pound RAW Copper or Brass Scrap

1 Pound RAW Copper or Brass Scrap - 18 Gauge Mostly Small Cuts some pieces with Protective PVC - Made in USA

5 STAR RATING from Dawn at Gottagettadeal on ETSY Love the quality! Super helpful and great pricing! And this grab bag of "scrap" is far from that. It's a fantastic bag of goodies! I squeal with delight every time I go digging thru it. ❤️ Also the customer service is beyond amazing. Love this store!


Thanks Dawn!

Get Creative at Gottagettadeal!
LIzz Barnes
Ear in the Envelope Inc

Jun 27, 2016

Chain Cuff Blank Project

Tired of losing that cuff?  This is a great project for a secure cuff with a beautiful look.

You'll need:

One Chain Cuff Blank
It is 12 Gauge 3/8" x 4" with 2 Holes on each end - 2mm in size.  The Chain Blanks are Polished with no sharp edges.

Stainless Steel Chain Link Size 6.9mm x 4.4mm Thickness 14 Gauge

17mm Surgical Steel Lobster Clasp

Eurtool Large Dapping Block 
with 5 Nylon Shapers

What to do...
1:  Add any metal stamping designs to your Chain Cuff Blank

2)  Use the Smaller Black Dapper to Curve the Chain Cuff Blank

3)  Measure out 5-1/2" of the Chain.

4)  Use Flat Nose Pliers to open the link.  

5)  Attach 2" of chain to one hole on the Chain Cuff Blank

6) Attach the clasp on the end of the 2" piece of chain

7) Attach a 3-1/2" chain to the other end of the Chain Cuff Blank

8)  Open the clasp and close it at the center of the 3-1/2" Chain

*****You did it!  You just created a beautiful Chain Cuff Bracelet!!!!

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me at 

Enjoy creating!
Lizz Barnes
Ear in the Envelope Inc
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Jun 20, 2016

Imperfect Food Safe 1100 Aluminum Cuff Blanks Are a GREAT deal at Gottagettadeal on ETSY

Looking for the best deal on Food Safe 1100 Aluminum Cuff Blanks 
for you metal stamping projects.  
This is a great opportunity to get a great deal.  

IMPERFECT CUFFS are perfect for classes or projects where you'll be adding a textured finish.

Don't miss this deal.  

Get on it!  Get the deal at Gottagettadeal on ETSY!

Enjoy Creating!
Lizz Barnes

Gottagetta Deal on ETSY

Ear in the Envelope Inc


Jun 11, 2016

Ear in the Envelope Inc - https://www.earintheenvelope.com

Gottagettadeal is trying something new.  A new Website called Ear in the Envelope Inc

We're simplifying our listings and using calculated shipping with exact weights.  Your shipping cost should be lower.  

It will take a while to transition all of our 1100 Food Safe Aluminum Metal Stamping Blanks and Tools over to the new site.

We appreciate your patience. 

Until we get it all together, you're welcome to shop at our ETSY shop gottagettadeal.  

We're not planning on shutting down our ETSY shop. 
 We're just adding something new to help get the word out about our products.

Let us know what you think.  And we're always open to ways we can improve on this new site.

Thanks for your continued Support!
Lizz Barnes and the Studio Team

Ear in the Envelope Inc
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We're open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

Jun 5, 2016

Oh the Decision Etsy or ECommerce

Oh the struggle.  Should I stay with ETSY or move to another form of ECommerce?

Gottagettadeal has done very well on ETSY.  But since they've gone PUBLIC, things are changing.

1. Promoting is less effective.  So, I'm now spending more to promote listings.  $30 a day which adds up to $600 a month.
       Are less people buying?

2.  Sales are down by about 25% for my business from 2014 and 2015.
       Is there more competition.

3.  ETSY is pushing it's customers to use Direct Check Out instead of Paypal..
       I'm very happy with Paypal and would definitely be ready to jump ship if they did not allow     Paypal check-out as an option.  

I may test the waters. and set up a small shop through Shopify.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Please if you're reading this, let me know how it's going for you?  Is it me or is there an unhealthy change happening with ETSY.

Keep me posted?
Lizz Barnes

Gottagettadeal on ETSY
Ear in the Envelope Inc

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Apr 20, 2016

Numberall and Stainless Steel Metal Stamping Blanks at Gottagettadeal on ETSY

A couple of years ago I found a cool tool on Ebay called a Numberall.  
It's a tool used to stamp metal tags, and tools for industrial shops.

I was looking for a tool that I could use for metal stamping.  
My goal was to find something that was faster, easier on your body
 (no hammering), and cleaner stamping than handstamping.

Well, this turned out to be the perfect tool.  
It doesn't work well on Aluminum 
because it leave little marks on soft metal.  
But it is perfect for stainless, brass, copper and sterling.

I was lucky, I found a used Numberall on Ebay for $225.  
There are new Numerall's available.  
If you stamp constantly, this may be worth the cost of a new tool.

The Numerall that I have has 27 spaces, 
so I have to plan on exactly how long my phrase will be. 


I've also added marker lines on the exact spot 
of the stamping area, so I can line up the stamping blank.  


I use masking tape to hold the blank in place while stamping the letters.

There is a wheel with letters and a red knob.  Turn the red knob to find the letter you need.

Press the handle down and the tool will lower and stamp the letter you chose.  
As you release the lever, the plate will move one letter space.  
This tool reminds me of the older twist label makers.

Here's an example of a stamped stainless steel cuff blank.

To bend the cuff use a bracelet bender to get the curve.  Because the cuff is so stiff, you'll have to hold your thumb firmly at the base of the cuff as you are curving the piece around the tool.

You'll notice that the ends flair a bit.  

At this point use the bracelet making pliers to curve the ends.  
I use the smallest barrel.

Final Cuff

You can get the supplies for this project at at our ETSY shop 

Surgical Steel Cuffs

Bracelet Bender

Bracelet Pier

Enjoy creating!

Lizz Barnes

in the warehouse district of Peoria, IL
820 SW Adams Street, Peoria, IL 61602

Metal Stamping Blanks and Metal Stamping Tools

Apr 3, 2016

Finally 12 GAUGE 1 Inch Discs for Metal Stamping at Gottagettadeal on ETSY

CHECK OUT THIS New item at Ear in the Envelope Inc., Gottagettadeal on ETSY.
12 Gauge 1" Discs. 

Your going to love these  new Super Thick 12 Gauge Discs made of 1100 Pure Food Safe Aluminum.

The weight of the thicker metal will hang nicely for a pendant!

Have fun creating,
Lizz Barnes
Ear in the Envelope Inc
Gottagettadeal on ETSY
Metal Stamping Supplies in 1100 Pure Food Safe Aluminum,  Brass, Copper, Sterling and Now Gold Filled Metal.

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Mar 17, 2016

CUSTOMER REVIEW - 12 Gauge Bracelet Blanks for Metal Stamping in 1100 Pure Food Safe Aluminum

You've got to read this......
for 12 Gauge Bracelet Blanks
for Metal Stamping in 1100 Pure Food Safe Aluminum

oh my god
so i got my blanks ..and i saw the 12g and i was like "what have i got myself into i wont be able to stamp this its so thick!" and i started with my hard to stamp design stamps and IT STAMPS LIKE BUTTER
where have you been all my life! how could i have not bought from you before!
i could kiss your entire team ! :-O (legit tears of joy in my eyes right now)

***Don't miss this new product!  12 Gauge pure food safe aluminum is thick with a nice look.  It stamps very easily.  And it is very easy to curve to size, but doesn't lose its shape.

Check out our ETSY shop at:


Enjoy creating,
Lizz Barnes
at Ear in the Envelope Inc
home of Gottagettadeal on ETSY

We make quality metal stamping blanks and sell the BEST tools!!!!  
We specialize in Pure 1100 Food Safe Aluminum.
We also carry Red Brass, Copper, and Stainless Steel Blanks.

Mar 8, 2016

New 1/8" Sterling Wrap Ring Blank

Check out our 1/8" Sterling Wrap Ring Blank for Metal Stamping.


Enjoy creating!!!

Lizz Barnes

Ear in the Envelope Inc

1100 Food Safe Aluminum is Commercially PURE.

1100 aluminium alloy is an aluminium-based alloy in the "commercially pure" wrought family (1000 or 1xxx series). With a minimum of 99.0% aluminum, it is the most heavily alloyed of the 1000 series. It is also the mechanically strongest alloy in the series, and is the only 1000-series alloy commonly used in rivets. At the same time, it keeps the benefits of being relatively lightly alloyed (compared to other series), such as high electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and workability. It can be strengthened by cold working, but not by heat treatment.[1]
Alternate designations include Al99.0Cu and A91100. 1100 and its various tempers are covered by the ISO standard 6361 and the ASTM standards B209, B210, B211, B221, B483, B491, and B547.[2]


  • Chemical storage
  • Processing Equipment
  • ****Kitchen Utensils
  • General sheet metal work
  • And High Quality Jewelry Supplies
Thought you'd like to know how amazing this metal is!!!!
Lizz Barnes
Ear in the Envelope Inc

Find out products on ETSY at www.ETSY.com/shop/gottagettadeal

Mar 2, 2016

Jewelry Making Classes at Ear in the Envelope Inc in Peoria IL

Jewelry Making Classes by Appointment
Ear in the Envelope with Lizz Barnes

***All classes include supplies and use of tools.

Simple Soldered Sterling Ring 2 hours - $50
Sterling Spinner Ring 2 hours - $95
Metal Stamping 1 hour - $25
Copper Flip Ring 1 Hour - $30
Glass Fusing 2 hours - $50
Bronze Clay 2 hours in 2 sessions - $80
Precious Metal Clay (Fine Silver) 2 hours in 2 sessions - $100
Patina Finishes on Alum and Sterling 1 hour-  $45
Textures on Alum and Brass 1 hour - $45
Punch Your Own Shapes on Alum and Sterling 1 hour - $50
How to Finish Alum, Copper, Brass and Sterling 2 hour - $55

Call or Email to arrange a class

309-550-3518 or 820adams@gmail.com

Ear in the Envelope Inc
820 SW Adams Street
Peoria, IL 61602

Aug 28, 2015

Safety Equipment and Metal Stamping Jewelry

 Safety Equipment and Metal Stamping Jewelry, what? why?

Passions, like metal stamping, may ebb and flow, 
but your body will be with you for your entire journey in this life.  
Taking care of it has to be a PRIORITY!

Here's a list of some helpful tips

1 - Safety Glasses - Always protect your eyes.  Jewelry making is close detail work, wearing a shatterproof pair of magnifying glasses is a simple and safe addition.

2 - Work Gloves - A thin pair of grippy gloves will save your hands.

3 - Ear Protection - You may not have thought of this one.  But constant hammering will eventually harm your hearing.  Protect it!

4 - Dust Mask - If you sand, it is best to sand under a trickle of running water.  But.... if you can't, you will want to protect your lungs from floating metal dust.

5 - Rubber Block - Many people don't realize that a RUBBER block under your METAL block deadens the sound of hammering, and relieves the stress on your joints when you hammer.  Be good to yourself add a Rubber Block to your metal stamping routine.

6 - Lighter Hammers or Brass Hammers - Constant hammering will eventually take a toll on your wrist, elbow and shoulder.  An 8 oz hammer has plenty of force for stamping.  Bigger is not better in this situation.
Brass hammers are softer metal than steel and will reduce the stress on your body.  Brass hammers will also reduce the stress on your stamps.

Remember, you've only got one body.  So take care of it!

Happy Stamping!
Lizz Barnes
Ear in the Envelope Inc

May 7, 2015

New Stainless Steel Corner Punch and Slot Punch by Beadsmith

Corner Punch and Slot Punch by Beadsmith

Click on Picture to go to this item in our ETSY shop.

Beadsmith listened to my request for a tool 
that can give YOU the freedom to make 
custom blank lengths and add YOUR own corners.

New Stainless Steel Corner Punch and Slot Punch 
by Beadsmith 

1/4", 1/2" and 1" Curves and 3/16" x 3/4" Oval Slot Punch

Nice Tight Tooling for even clean cuts.

This is a heavy item and will require US Priority Shipping - 5 Pounds 13 oz.

Similar to a Disc Punch, you'll need 
a heavy brass hammer 
and Cutting Oil or Burr Wax 
to protect the sharp edges of the punch.

The Top Side of Punch edges are angled (chamfered).

The Bottom of the punch is straight across for cutting the metal.

****A Video is coming soon.

Please convo me if you have any questions.


Apr 23, 2015

Best Metal Stamping Jewelry Kit

Don't Miss the BEST Metal Stamping Jewelry Kit

We've combined the BEST Metal Stamping Tools 
for this great starter stamping Kit.

 Click Here for the Best Metal Stamping Kit

You can purchase this Metal Stamping Jewelry Kit at

This is the PERFECT set to start metal stamping

This is a $85 Value at $75.00

Here's what is included:

Sunshine Polish Cloth
Supreme Eurotool Hammer (Great for stamping and creating texture)
Black Industrial Sharpie (Perfect for Creating Contrast)
3mm (1/4") Alphabet Stamping Set - Helvetica Narrow made by Eurotool
Bracelet Bender
Metal Block
Dapping Block (place under the metal block to deaden the hammering sound)
10 - Food Safe Aluminum Blanks

Check out our blog with directions on how to use our supplies:


***Note: The METAL BLOCK is wrapped in plastic and covered in oil. This prevents rusting. You can clean the block off with rubbing alcohol and paper towels. Keep in a dry area.

Please convo me if you have any questions.

Lizz Barnes

Jan 8, 2015

Rolling Mill Texture Embossing Plate

Ear in the Envelope Inc now carries a variety of Rolling Mill Texture Embossing Plates.

You can find these Rolling Mill Texture Embossing Plates in our Etsy shop at: 

A Rolling Mill is a GREAT jewelry making tool.

A Rolling Mill combined with a Rolling Mill plate can create amazing texture patterns in your metal jewelry.

A Rolling Mill is a heavy manual machine with two hardened steel rollers, a tension adjustment and a crank that moves the metal and a texture plate through the rollers.  The pressure created by the rolling motion presses the design from the Rolling mill plate into the metal.  Adjusting to a tighter tension will create a deeper impression.

Durston is my favorite brand of Rolling Mill.  Their quality is amazing and they accept the thicker Rolling Mill Texture Embossing Plates.

Here’s a link to the Rolling Mill we use at Ear in the  Envelope Inc:

Rolling Mill Texture Embossing Plates - are placed on a piece of dead soft metal and rolled through the rolling mill which creates a beautiful impressions in the metal.

Until now there were a limited number of designs available.  I don’t know about you, but I need variety.

HERE's a Video on How to Line Up Your Blanks on the Celtic Rolling Mill Plate


So we took on the challenge of creating a good variety of Rolling Mill plates for our customers.  A group of fantastic artists have been working to create some amazing designs.  We will also accept custom requests for rolling mill texture embossing plates.

These plates measure 3” x 6” with a thickness of just about 1/16” (actual .053”).

***WARNING - Our Rolling Mill plates will NOT work on the Eurotool Rolling Mill.  The rollers will not extend far enough to for the thickness of our stainless plates.  

I recommend using a Durston Rolling Mill.  Make sure that your rolling mill can accept a width of 3”.

Our current list of designs are:
- Puzzle
- Wavey Leaves
- Van Gogh Swirls

*****PLEASE let us know what designs you would like?

Enjoy creating,
Liz :-)

Ear in the Envelope Inc.

Follow our Blog for Updates on New Techniques and Tools


These are a few of the most helpful links on my blog:





**Video: HOW TO USE A WRAP 'N TAP (Ring Bending Tool)