May 27, 2012


Earlier this year I ran across an interesting shop on ETSY...

  • Rolling Mill Resource

Tracey at 

Rolling Mill Resource creates low relief patterns using laser cut paper patterns. These paper patterns can be rolled in a rolling mill with Soft Temper Aluminum, Copper, Silver, or Brass to create crisp beautiful patterns and textures.

PATTERNS ORIGINATE from drawings, photographs, antique engravings, clip art and computer generated images.

These patterns are intended 
for one time use. 
Although I have been able to get 
a few more uses with the softer aluminum.

Tracey often gets requests for patterns in a more durable material. But she has found that there are advantages to using the paper. The paper actually creates a soft flat texture on the metal that cannot be created with metal rolling plates. And the cost of using paper keeps your price down. Paper also gives you flexibility to cut or "paper punch" your patterns.  


Tracey is now offering SPECIAL SIZES that perfect for the Aluminum Bracelet Blanks that we carry 
at Gottagettadeal

PAPER PATTERNS for 2" cuffs
These can also be used for smaller cuffs.

PAPER PATTERNS for 1-1/2" cuffs

Bits and Pieces for discs, dog tags or other blanks.

*******If you will be ordering bracelet blanks use with a paper patterns PLEASE LET US KNOW in your invoice message notes.

We have CUSTOM CUFFS and CHARM BLANKS that are 
soft temper and a little shorter to accommodate the stretch from the rolling mill. 


GUIDES made of card stock are used to align your cuffs  when you're rolling your cuffs through the mill.

Step #1


Add a light coating of glue stick to the black guides and attach them to the paper patterns. Let the glue dry for at least one hour. When completely dry trim the outer excess edge.

Step # 2

Cut 2 pieces of poster board or tag board 
a little larger than the paper pattern.

Place one piece of tag board on top 
and another on the bottom.

Step # 3

Place your stack in the rolling mill. You 
will need to adjust the tension tight enough 
to press the texture into the metal.

This will take some experimentation with 
your specific rolling mill.

Luckily Tracey sends a few extra 
smaller pieces for practice.

***The 2" Bracelet Blanks are the most 
difficult to roll and will require
the most pressure.

Step # 4

Open your stack and you will find a beautiful surprise!!!!

Love it!!!!


One of the MOST exciting options 
for the metal stamper is the ability 
to roll script.

Whether it's your logo, a texture or 
a poem...... 
the possibilities are endless.

Check out Tracey's ETSY Shop

  • Rolling Mill Resource

 ......and GET CREATIVE!!!

Enjoy creating,
Liz :-)

Ear in the Envelope Inc.


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