Apr 20, 2016

Numberall and Stainless Steel Metal Stamping Blanks at Gottagettadeal on ETSY

A couple of years ago I found a cool tool on Ebay called a Numberall.  
It's a tool used to stamp metal tags, and tools for industrial shops.

I was looking for a tool that I could use for metal stamping.  
My goal was to find something that was faster, easier on your body
 (no hammering), and cleaner stamping than handstamping.

Well, this turned out to be the perfect tool.  
It doesn't work well on Aluminum 
because it leave little marks on soft metal.  
But it is perfect for stainless, brass, copper and sterling.

I was lucky, I found a used Numberall on Ebay for $225.  
There are new Numerall's available.  
If you stamp constantly, this may be worth the cost of a new tool.

The Numerall that I have has 27 spaces, 
so I have to plan on exactly how long my phrase will be. 


I've also added marker lines on the exact spot 
of the stamping area, so I can line up the stamping blank.  


I use masking tape to hold the blank in place while stamping the letters.

There is a wheel with letters and a red knob.  Turn the red knob to find the letter you need.

Press the handle down and the tool will lower and stamp the letter you chose.  
As you release the lever, the plate will move one letter space.  
This tool reminds me of the older twist label makers.

Here's an example of a stamped stainless steel cuff blank.

To bend the cuff use a bracelet bender to get the curve.  Because the cuff is so stiff, you'll have to hold your thumb firmly at the base of the cuff as you are curving the piece around the tool.

You'll notice that the ends flair a bit.  

At this point use the bracelet making pliers to curve the ends.  
I use the smallest barrel.

Final Cuff

You can get the supplies for this project at at our ETSY shop 

Surgical Steel Cuffs

Bracelet Bender

Bracelet Pier

Enjoy creating!

Lizz Barnes

in the warehouse district of Peoria, IL
820 SW Adams Street, Peoria, IL 61602

Metal Stamping Blanks and Metal Stamping Tools

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